Say “I do” to Chick-fil-A Catering

It’s the 11th hour. Your heels were abandoned under a table three line dances ago. Your tie has now become a necessary sweatband. The once filling hors d’oeuvres have now left you famished. 

Most of us have experienced this moment while celebrating one of life’s most joyous occasions: a wedding. The happiness quickly turns into irritation, while the rumbling of your stomach drowns out the bass from the DJ’s speakers. Don’t let your happy day suffer from late-night hunger! Here are the top 5 reasons to offer late-night snacks at your wedding reception!

#1. Keep The Party Going

Don’t let the dance floor dwindle! Keep guests’ energy high by keeping their stomachs full. No one wants to participate in a lethargic Cha-Cha Slide! By offering snacks to battle hunger pains, your party won’t miss a beat!

#2. Fear of Missing Out

If your reception is engaging, your guests will be less likely to dine and dash as soon as the bouquet is tossed. They’ll want to stick around and not miss out on the fun! Late-night snacks offer a “can’t miss” moment to friends and family. The allure and anticipation of food to come will keep the party alive.


#3. “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry”

The wedding day for any bride and groom leaves little time to sit and actually enjoy a bite to eat. Often, the happy couple doesn’t get to partake in the meals they’ve so carefully chosen for their guests. With the addition of late-night snacks, this allows the bride and groom a welcomed opportunity to grab food and keep their spirits up. 

#4. Stand Out from the Crowd 

In the sea of cookie-cutter receptions, let your wedding stand out! Offering late-night snacks is a perfect way to create a memorable moment for your guests. Not only does it break up the monotony that wedding receptions can fall accustomed to, but leaves a lasting impression that your friends and family will surely remember for years to come. 

#5. Surprise and Delight

Late-night snacks give you a chance to get creative with your wedding! A s’mores bar shows off your love of the outdoors. Order pizzas from your favorite local joint. 

Serve ice cream or shaved ice on a hot summer night. Let the food offerings cater to your individuality as a couple; make it fun and most important, something you’ll look forward to! 

If you’re a raving Chick-fil-A fan, include chikin as part of your big day! Let Chick-fil-A cater nuggets or sandwiches as late-night snacks that are sure to be a hit and satisfy your hunger! Invite the Chick-fil-A cow to join in on your festivities for even more fun!

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