Chick-fil-A could cater your next family gathering.

Summertime is finally here! For many, the warm summer months bring much-needed quality time with the people we love, whether gathered around a pool, lake, or kitchen table. Family reunions are a perfect way to bring close those near and far for laughs, memories, and fun. However, planning the perfect family get-together can often seem daunting and time-consuming. Here are some tips and tricks that are sure to please!

#1. Stick to the plan.

Before anything else, set a date and time for your event. Check with each family member to figure out a central location so distance traveled is spread equally. Create a Facebook group that includes all confirmed guests to ensure easy communication. Figure out a budget for food, drinks, games, etc. so each person can pitch in their part. Be sure to figure out a back-up plan in case of inclement weather as well!

chick-fil-a catering a family gathering

#2. Make it a team effort.

No one wants to carry the burden of cooking for a crowd or slave in a kitchen for hours on end. Share the responsibilities of the day and have each family member pitch in their favorite dish or dessert. Does Grandma whip up the best pies? Does Uncle Joe have a knack for grilling? When each person brings their best, the burden is shared and the joy is spread!


#3. It’s all fun and games.

We’ve all been to parties and reunions that end up being the dreaded B word… BORING. Keep boredom at bay by offering something for everyone! Plan a cornhole tournament to crank up the competition, set up arts and crafts for the little ones, or even organize family relay races that get every person involved. By offering numerous games and activities, the day will be a hit!

#4. Share your story.

Family gatherings are the perfect opportunity to share stories from the past and learn more about your heritage. Collect photos to show in a collage or slideshow to pass on memories from one generation to another. Set up a projector and play old home movies that document special family moments. Everyone will love seeing more of your family history!


#5. Eat Mor Chikin!

To really make your family gathering one to remember, use Chick-fil-A to meet all your catering needs! Chick-fil-A Catering is a great option for families on a budget, and is a beloved, quality product sure to please even your most picky eaters.

chick-fil-a catering a cookout

You won’t even have to lift a finger when placing an order with Chick-fil-a (except to grab more nuggets). Chick-fil-A can deliver right to your doorstep or venue; let us set-up the food and provide everything you need for a fantastic day!

For more information on Chick-fil-A catering, including menu and pricing options, check out CFA Lou or call our Louisville Catering & Delivery location, (502) 907 – 3335.

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